About Stockport Memories…

This blog has been designed to become an archive for Stockport peoples’

memories of life in the town and suburbs. 

Whether for future generations to read what it ‘was really like back then’, researchers, or those who just want to reminisce, hopefully it can become an interesting resource.

Please get in touch if you’d like to share your recollections, from the important events down to simple everyday life, all is welcome. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are deemed not interesting or important enough to be recorded, which are easiest to relate to, but can disappear from history.

Even things which may seem not so long ago, have changed forever, and may be interesting to those who never saw/experienced them, hence a time ‘limit’ of anything pre-1980.

Please get in touch or ‘follow’ us,




2 thoughts on “About Stockport Memories…”

  1. Keith Shattock said:

    My Grandfather was born in Stockport, his name was George Hodder, and my mother, some Hodders still live in Stockport, if anybody has some story’s of them I would be pleased to hear from them.

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