Stockport market memories…

An email from David Newman to the Stockport Heritage Trust website sparked the idea for this blog, and he kindly gave his permission to reproduce the content, so to start the ball rolling…..

I was idling through the internet websites looking for connections to my father around the stockport area but especially Davenport where he was a signalman on the railway and through that website found the link to Stockport which set my mind back to the days I as a lad went there with my Mum ,we,d go around the market and Mum would bye some oatcakes which I used to love (cant get them where I live,Gloucestershire) fried ,thats the only way to have them really, and inside the market was a chap who used to make ring doughnuts on what I thought was this wonderful contraption which cooked them in this machine and the doughnut would go along on some form of conveyer belt and be flipped over to cook the other side then up a short ramp to be coated in sugar , it used to fascinate me . Then out of the market to a shop which used to sell all manner of things usually sheets,blankets,tea towels and other paraphinalia ,but it was in the form of an auction ,no shop front or doorway ,but a shutter ,and Mum used to buy stuff from there ,I well remember the power station near there belching out clouds of steam from the cooling towers too. Stockport has many memories for me ,all nice I might add. I was taken by my Grandfather to the Theatre Royal (I think it was called that just close to the market) to see the acts ,but for the life of me cannot remember any of them but I do remember sitting behind a pillar in the audience and having to look around it to see the acts on stage , we used to come by bus as we lived in Didsbury ,and we could either come via Heaton Mersey or Cheadle Heath ,either way was pleasant but often wondered how the bus got up the hill coming out of the bus station on either route . I used to stop at the fire statin near the square to ogle at the fire engines all polished up and on display as the doors were always open to have a look . Oh halcyon days were the late forties and fifties , I wish I could go back to those times,im 72 now and havent been to Stockport for years ,must be a least 20 now.  David Newman